Best Stylus 2017 – for Artists & Notetakers

No matter what you do, whether you are someone who likes to draw for the fun of it or you like to use your tablet to take lecture notes, a stylus is a great way to go (maybe even a tablet that has one built in) with phones and tablets becoming more and more powerful and versatile, styli have become more popular. What’s more is, you’re spoiled for choice- they’re not just for artists anymore you can get whatever styli that suits your needs no problem. The apple pencil has helped put the stylus back into the public eye. We’ve gathered together a bunch of styli and tested the heck out of them – all this to help you decide which one fits your needs.

Best styli for artists

Every artist is unique. No one artist draws the exact same way. Depending on how you like to draw, you may want a specific kind of stylus. Some styli come with interchangeable tips that completely change the way they feel. Others are a one size fits all option usually designed to be similar to analog mediums

1. Apple pencil

First up is the apple pencil. The apple pencil debuted at the tail end of 2015 but since then, it has set a golden standard for digital styli. That makes it quite unfortunate that it only works with the ipad pro (12.9 and 9.7 inch versions) Performance wise, it’s the fastest, most accurate and most responsive stylus I have ever tested.

Pressure sensitivity comes from the ipad pro screen which enables it to create fine lines and incredibly smooth variations in gradient as you vary the pressure. Tilting the pen enables you to create wider strokes for shading in your art. The tip is also produce a fine point should you ever need it. I would have preferred a rougher surface (that mimics actual paper) as the smooth tablet surface gets too slippery sometimes leading to wayward strokes – you do get used to it though.

It’s also quite unfortunate that it has a charging cap in place of an eraser. It just makes it so easy to lose.

2. Adobe’s Ink & Slide stylus

If you have a workflow that features the adobe creative suite, the adobe ink & slide stylus and ruler combo may just suit you. They can connect to any iPad 4 (or later) ipad air or ipad mini via a robust bluetooth interface. You can also sync it up with the Creative cloud enabling you to store your drawings and your preferences up there in the cloud (where you can access them in your other devices later)

The ink styluse features a pressure sensitive point with a fine tip which actually feels like a regular pen in your hand. It uses the Adonit Pixelpoint tech which we found to be satisfactorily accurate. It has a status led on the stylus which matches whatever color you choose in app so you’ll never make any “mistakes” though that really isn’t an issue in the age of the ctrl-Z. The slide ruler is extremely versatile. Whether you need it to create perfect straight lines, circles or whatever shape you fancy, it just works.

It comes in at the pricier side of the spectrum but you get a lot for your money. Also, it works so well with adobe products that it’s really a no brainer for anybody who uses their products.

3. Fiftythree Pencil

The Pencil is one of the more versatile stylus on this list. Especially when used in conjunction with their own app. With the preset tools that come with the app, you can create pretty much whatever strikes your imagination. From amazing watercolor paintings, fine line sketches or even mimic comic book style pen and ink, you can do it all.

They designed the Pencil to feel great on hand. It has a similar shape to a carpenters pencil (heck it even has inlaid walnut wood) It has a built in eraser on the end which comes really handy. You can even use the stylus to smudge lines to create a nice soft blur effect.

Though it really works best with its own app, it’s compatible with other popular drawing and painting apps. It can connect to your ipad via Bluetooth (you only need to pair it once) another downside is that it requires a battery. While it’s pretty easy to charge (via usb) it’s still an inconvenience.


The artist brush and stylus combo from Sensu is one of the more unconventional stylus in this list. It has a real paintbrush tip. A paintbrush tip. You can use it for painting. However, if you want it for fine drawing, you just flip it, then you’ve got a standard stylus tip. It’s unfortunate that the sensu doesn’t have pressure sensitivity and at times it feels so sluggish that it’s pretty much unusable.

It has an aluminum finish and looks just like a normal brush. The brush is made out of synthetic fibers which are actually pretty good. The stylus tip works on most tablets ios, android, windows etc. It just works. Plus side, you don’t have to replace any battery.


The cosmonaut stylus is designed to mimic a whiteboard marker. You should take not of that before complaining about its bulky appearance. It’s not going to give you the finest lines but it its robust easy to grip body feels great to work with. It feels tough enough to survive rough handling without breaking.

It features a minimalist design which I love. Externally it just looks like any other large marker which makes it perfect for those who like to diagram lectures and presentations. It works with all OS and theoretically should work with any touch screen. It has no pressure sensitive tip but it’s not really designed for that anyway.


At the low end of the spectrum is the Adonit Mark. Adonit has been producing styli for a while now so they’ve certainly had it down pat. It works with any smartphone, tablet or laptop with touch sensitivity. The good thing about the mark is that it feels great on your hand. I’m not a fan of metal surfaced styli for drawing but this feels just right.

Overall, you’ll find that the Mark is a cheap workable alternative to the more expensive brands. However you cannot expect accuracy and smoothness out of it. It just works good enough that it hits a sweet spot in the price performance graph.



The Adonit Switch is another one of those versatile styli. It’s cheap too. It doubles as a stylus and an actual pen. It features a striped grip which you can roll to reveal a ball point pen. Flip it to the other side and you can find a precision stylus.

The stylus also has a disk at the end that allows you to create precise marks on your tablet. It feels and weighs around the same as an actual pen and is slim enough to be mistaken for one. You can certainly draw with it but note taking is its true forte. The ball point pen writes ok but nothing truly fantastic.

5 Best Fine Tip Capacitive Syli 2017

According to lots of the users’ reviews, an ideal fine tip stylus might be a wonderful asset that you can use whether in class or even at workplace. Thus, with the high-quality tools like these 5 styli listed here, which can work on your touch screen devices shall be a pleasure. Moreover, you will surely take more precise notes or make your drawings better and faster. Interestingly, at the same time, your screen will be safe by virtue of the soft tips. It is time to stop being annoyed with the cheap stylus you own and experience. Instead, don’t forget to take a look at these fine tip capacitive styli in this article now!

A Brief Glance At Some Remarkable Fine Tip Capacitive Styli

  1. Short but Sweet – New Trent Limir Dual Purpose Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screen Smartphones and Tablets

It is believed that this is an extremely nice set of the short little pen. It is featured at one with the capacitive stylus at the end as well as another fine ball pen. The stylus will best work on iPhone 4, iPhone 5S, and a whole host of various tablets. It writes smoothly and nicely whilst the screen tends to respond perfectly. Yes, this is always a smart choice if you long to possess a compact and short pair of responsive tools.

  1. Professional Looking Tool – New Trent Arcadia 2pcs Clickpen Stylus with Micro-Knit Tip for Capacitive Touch Screen Smartphones and Tablets

The truth is that this stylus is apt to work well on all of the capacitive touch surfaces. It owns the soft durable fiber tip that offers a fascinating writing experience. Eventually, the tip can totally be retractable to keep it in wonderful shape for much longer. As a consequence, this will be a good pick for those who are in need of a professional and trustworthy looking stylus for drawing, turning pages, and taking notes on their touch screen devices.

  1. Fantastic Stylus Experience – Capacitive iPad Stylus & Ball Point Pen for iPhone 4s, Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, iPad2, and Droid

Unfortunately, it seems not to be the cheapest stylus out there. Nevertheless, users will certainly get value for their earned-hard money. At the same time, it is also a pen. Therefore, this feature is always excellent for someone who is looking for either a stylus or a pen as they possess the right tool all the time. Additionally, this is a highly expert looking pen/stylus.

  1. Responsive and Smooth – Stylus, amPen Hybrid Stylus for Apple iPad Air/iPad 2/iPad Mini/iPhone 5/5S/5C/4S, Galaxy S5/S4, Nexus 5/7, HTC One M8/M7, etc.

Obviously, this is a very beautiful soft tipped stylus. It owns a nice clip; thus, users are able easily to clip it to the case of their iPad or even clip it in the pocket of their shirt. Plus, the stylus is truly a big step up in case you need a cheap stylus. Specially, it’s much smoother and more responsive in operation. Utilizing it can be a delight whether customers are drawing, writing, or merely browsing.

  1. Virtuoso Pro Fine – Kensington Virtuoso Pro Fine Tip Stylus for Tablets, iPad, Touch screens, Smartphones, and iPhone

The Kensington fine tip stylus tends to work on dozens of different touch screens. It is sophisticated design, so it always looks professional whether you love white or black. You are also allowed to clip it easily to your iPad cases or shirt pockets. The precision and responsiveness of this stylus will not be matched by some certain tools you have availed. Instead, it’s effortless to make use of and very accurate. Don’t be so surprised since it is truly a perfect choice for taking notes and drawing occasionally.

Don’t hesitate to buy one available at the current market for satisfying your needs, budget, and styles now! Check its price, features and functions carefully before making any final decision, remember!


What are Stylus Pens?

If you own a touch screen phone then you have probably tried using a stylus pen. Not all people are comfortable using their fingers to operate their touch screen gadgets and a touch screen stylus pen makes the whole thing easier.

The Beginning of Stylus Pens

  • A stylus pen actually looks like the ordinary writing pen except that they are curved more heavily to provide easy handling for the user.
  • This gadget may seem new as it only became popular along with the invention of the touch screens.
  • However, similar gadgets have been used in the past as a writing utensil used in pottery and in Braille, the writing and reading system used by blind people.
  • Even the ancient people like the Mesopotamians used a similar gadget although not as modern.
  • The art of engraving also makes use of a similar gadget to engrave designs into clay or metal.

The Use of the Capacitive Stylus Pen

The stylus pen is a very important gadget in the mobile phone industry. Most modern cell phones which touch screen features are also equipped with a stylus pen combo for easy navigation into the phone’s menu. With the stylus, users now find it a lot easier to compose their messages on the screens of their phones.

How does the Stylus Pen Work?

The stylus like a bamboo stylus has a pointed end but there are different types of stylus depending on its purpose. Some users disdain the use of a stylus because they easily get lost. However, new phone models like the LC Cookie and the Nokia 5800 comes with stylus pens that are easily tucked at the back cover for ease in use and storage.

The pens almost comes as a support tool for modern gadgets like graphic tablets, PDAs and tablet computers. Most of these gadgets do not come with keyboards and in lieu of that, it comes with a touch screen. Fingers are however too sensitive and it can get your screens dirty so it is more practical to use a stylus. The use of a stylus also provides a more precise way of providing information to the gadgets. They also come in handy for design and drawing purposes.

Uses of a Stylus Pen

  • One of the most common uses of the stylus pen which many people disregard is the use of the stylus to get the electronic signatures of people applying for credit cards, passports and other documents.
  • Even children are comfortable using this penwith their game consoles including the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo DS. Devices that are highly dependent on multi-touchinputs also make use of the capacitive stylus pen more than the ordinary pens.
  • The use of the this penin computing became more popular. The Smart Phone era has actually made the stylus a device you can’t live without.

The stylus pen comes in all sizes and shapes so there is something for you no matter your taste and budget. What is important is that you know what type of stylus you are looking for. With the availability of  capacitive stylus pens in the market, it would be easy to waste your money buying something you would not be able to duly use with your gadgets. Make sure you read up on the different stylus pen reviews to make sure you are getting the right one.

Best Capacitive Stylus For Note Taking

Nowadays, most smart phones and tablets have capacity touchscreens. The improvement in technology of this area will let you interact with the screen by using the fingers. However, some people don’t really like to mess with food or damage the screen while touching, tapping, or dragging the screen. One way to deal with this situation is to use Capacitive Stylus.

In workplace, each person must have one stylus to fulfill the job. Using it can help to take note, scribble, or write important ideas for your tasks. Explore all types of stylus seems to be very natural for anyone who has a special care with smartphones or other inductive devices. Getting the best capacitive stylus to serve for your note taking doesn’t seem to be easy. Here, we provide some tips to look for one stylus that is suitable to you.

If you are using iPad, Pogostylus may be the best choice for you. This product was designed for those who want to sketch or take handwritten notes. People prefer it as the real pen feeling they’ve felt at the first time seeing. This stylus handles and writes more like an actual pen than any other stylus on the market. It has an aluminum shaftwith a replaceable tip on one side and a removable clipon the other. The users get no need to put lots of pressure when scribbling it, just use in comfortable way with Pogo. The manufacturer also adds Bluetooth feature into these cool styli.

The runner-up for the title Best Capacitive Stylus is Wacom Bamboo Alpha. It’s cheaper, thinner, and lighter than the above winner. A balanced body plus the responsive nib allow the users to take note and write on touchscreen easily as well as the regular pen. The rubber nib can be exchanged with affordable replacement nibs. With good care, this stylus will last long.

Finally, if you want a Bluetooth-compatible stylus, Wacom Instuos Creative Stylus is the one you should get home. This product offers pressure sensibility, palm rejection, and programmable macro buttons. It is supported by a variety of apps (Sketchbook, ArtRage, ProCreate, Bamboo Paper, and PSTouch) which will be suitable for the providing the needing information. With Bluetooth 4.0, the connectivity will never drop suddenly. The Instuos Creative Stylus connects with each app individually. So using it with those compatible apps is very easy.

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Best Capacitive Stylus For Writing

It’s undeniable that everyone would love to own one smartphone, one laptop, or one tablet. Nevertheless, most of us appear to prefer to get the feeling of using one stylus for writing or taking notes on those tablets. Remember that the act of transiting to the so-called digital writing is not that easy, since the path will get littered with loads of the worst ideas and other gadgets. Moreover, the leading key here would be to locate any correct device. In our mind, it’s clear that one handy guide should be needed here just to aid us out.

Come to explore all types of digital tools which are seen to be very natural for anyone raised up with their computers and other smartphones. However, all sorts of digital natives won’t also like to eschew the activity of writing by hand. As we know, one stylus and tablet combination can be seen as the most satisfying replacements ever in theory. It’s just all about finding the right tool. Also, you should know better about those capacitive styluses that tend to mimic your own finger touch, and the users can freely use it on your tablets.

The good news here is how the stylus for your writing experience could come in a great abundance of styles and functions. At the very first glance, it seems that all styluses are so much alike one another, only different in their unique fanciness. We have known that some certain rubber tips that could enable you to experience further tapping and dragging experience without a need to cause the damage to the display. Besides, we start to realize some noticeable differences for those tips, which are believed to make the entire styli much better in use.

First, it’s going to be the precision level whilst it starts to glide across the screen. Come to find the correct balance, which would mean that higher legibility along with more precise strokes that are seen to be the best ones. In sum, a few certain aspects that you have hoped to own from one of the best styluses for the iPad this year. Many of them are related to the great writing experience. For instance, it’s due to its tiny and narrow tips that can be found on the Wacom Bamboo, and most of them are all assumed to be more precise than other wide one.

Besides, a greatly capacitive stylus here should contain the so-called responsive tips, which are such a great help for anyone preferring to write in block letters.

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