Best Capacitive Stylus For Note Taking

Nowadays, most smart phones and tablets have capacity touchscreens. The improvement in technology of this area will let you interact with the screen by using the fingers. However, some people don’t really like to mess with food or damage the screen while touching, tapping, or dragging the screen. One way to deal with this situation is to use Capacitive Stylus.

In workplace, each person must have one stylus to fulfill the job. Using it can help to take note, scribble, or write important ideas for your tasks. Explore all types of stylus seems to be very natural for anyone who has a special care with smartphones or other inductive devices. Getting the best capacitive stylus to serve for your note taking doesn’t seem to be easy. Here, we provide some tips to look for one stylus that is suitable to you.

If you are using iPad, Pogostylus may be the best choice for you. This product was designed for those who want to sketch or take handwritten notes. People prefer it as the real pen feeling they’ve felt at the first time seeing. This stylus handles and writes more like an actual pen than any other stylus on the market. It has an aluminum shaftwith a replaceable tip on one side and a removable clipon the other. The users get no need to put lots of pressure when scribbling it, just use in comfortable way with Pogo. The manufacturer also adds Bluetooth feature into these cool styli.

The runner-up for the title Best Capacitive Stylus is Wacom Bamboo Alpha. It’s cheaper, thinner, and lighter than the above winner. A balanced body plus the responsive nib allow the users to take note and write on touchscreen easily as well as the regular pen. The rubber nib can be exchanged with affordable replacement nibs. With good care, this stylus will last long.

Finally, if you want a Bluetooth-compatible stylus, Wacom Instuos Creative Stylus is the one you should get home. This product offers pressure sensibility, palm rejection, and programmable macro buttons. It is supported by a variety of apps (Sketchbook, ArtRage, ProCreate, Bamboo Paper, and PSTouch) which will be suitable for the providing the needing information. With Bluetooth 4.0, the connectivity will never drop suddenly. The Instuos Creative Stylus connects with each app individually. So using it with those compatible apps is very easy.

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