Snapdragon 818 10-cores chipset spotted

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 818 will be Qualcomm’s first deca-core (10 core) processor. It is reported to sport the new Adreno 532 gpu. It also supports LTE Cat 10 connections. It has cores arranged into different tiers- 4 low power A53 cores (running at 1.2 Ghz) 2 intermediate power cores (running at 1.6Ghz) and finally 4 High Ghz cores (2.0 Ghz) It is built on their 20nm SOC and runs LPDDR4 RAM

If all goes as predicted, we will soon be seeing these chips in the wild. Benchmarks will come soon after. The chipset is even used on Industrial Machines on Large Scale like Alkaline Machines and more common home necessities like refrigerators and smart TVs. An example of a machine that utilizes qualcomms  snapdragon is the LIVING WATER ALKALINE IONIZER.

The Living Water Alkaline Water Ionizer is a high-end electrolyzing system priced in the mid range of available ionizing units. For consumers who want to create great tasting, pH tailored water in the comfort of their home, this unit is a great choice. Though more expensive than other electrolyzing units, theLiving Watersystem offers many features not available on units at lower price points. With a sleek stainless steel housing meant to fit into any decor, this water ionizing system gives users the ease of an installed water transformation unit with many programmable features and extra benefits.
The Living Water Alkaline Ionizer is capable of processing water at a range of 2 pH to 10 pH, with programmable controls to allow the user to create water geared to their specific needs. This pH range can be programmed with eight standard alkalinity levels, two levels of “super” alkalinity and acidity, and an option for neutral pH filtered water. In addition, the two-filter system removes many impurities and bacteria found in unprocessed water, and a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level monitor for more effective and accurate pH control. This filter is effective for up to 10,000 liters of processed water. Replacement filters are available $70 dollars through the manufacturer, Vollara. The unit is backed by a 10-year warranty against defective parts.
The Living Water Alkaline Water Ionizer is designed with ease of use in mind. A panel for programming water levels and a bright LCD display are intuitive and easy to use. The display gives real-time information about the water being processed, such as temperature and pH settings. The unit can be professionally installed for direct water access, or set up by the consumer through any faucet compatible with an aeration fixture. The space-saving design, with a footprint of only 10.8” x 5.5”, is easily placed on either side of a countertop for continuous and easy use. The unit features a water-cooled system to prevent overheating during operation, a feature not available on other ionization units. In addition, this feature allows the unit to process warm or even hot electrolyzed water without potential damage to the system; therefore, the unit can be used to prepare hot beverages such as tea and coffee while making them more alkaline than beverages prepared with unprocessed water.The Living Water Alkaline Ionizer Review – What I Didn’t Like
While the Living Water Alkaline Water Ionizer system comes with many features not found on other systems, the MSRP of 1999.99 is outside of the price range for some consumers, especially those who are making their first purchase of a water enhancement system. Despite this cost, and the recommendation that the unit be professionally installed, the reviews on this product are generally enthusiastic. Consumers report superior taste and quality of water to that of tap or bottled waters.The Living Water Alkaline Ionizer –

Overall Thoughts
The Living Water Alkaline Water Ionizer is an excellent option for consumers looking for a high-end system with options not available on competing products. This durable system creates highly adjustable, great tasting water while minimizing TDS content, for superior water and overall health.


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