Moto-X 3rd-Gen Specs Revealed


For the past few years, Motorola has made enormous leaps in the build quality of its flagship phones. It is no surprise then, that the latest generation might be the best phone Motorola has ever made. Inside, it doesn’t pack the raw horsepower of other flagship phones, but like the saying says, it’s got it where it counts. The chassis has great ergonomics and is completely customizable. Expandable memory continues to be a huge plus (why they would go away from it is a mystery) Sure the battery performance leaves a lot to be desired and a better camera would have put this phone over the top but right now, for the price, there is no other phone that can match it.


Motorola has finally switched to a QHD panel. I’m not sure that resolution actually matters when it comes to screens this size but damn me if it does look so good. The point is, it’s a solid IPS screen, it has good viewing and it looks really good. Samsung’s AMOLED panels still have the advantage when it comes to vibrance and color, but this comes really close.

It also retains its distinctly curved corners, the plastic trim and all the button and port locations. It’s nothing fancy but it is functional and it works well.

They changed the earpiece and speaker shapes -making them narrower. Unlike the previous year’s model, they did off with the stereo speakers. Turning into a single earpiece speaker combo.

Similar to the S-5 the back is removable despite the fact that it is water resistant. Underneath you’ll find slots for a micro SIM and a microSD. The expandable storage is going to be invaluable to models with 8 GB and 16 GB storage. Seriously, in the age with 128 GB thumb drives, they still skimp on storage?




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