Moto-x 3rd Gen Camera Features Pictured

13 MP camera with Dual Tone Flash

The latest Generation Moto G has a 13 MP main camera kitted with f/2 lens. Flash is handled by a dual tone led flash. It’s a massive improvement over the previous iteration in theory but we haven’t tested it yet.

Three things help make the Pure a great point-and-shoot:¬†Unlike the previous moto x, the current model now has an excellent camera. The interface has been simplified. HDR is now on by default (which saves time) and the sensor is excellent in different lighting situations. The shots we took were very clear and don’t looked washed out. The HDR mode however can be detrimental to image quality at times. While the moto x’s new sensor isn’t the best at capturing the finer details (specially in low light). When shooting some street scenes, the galaxy note was visibly better, capturing the small details with great clarity. However, the moto-x produced more vibrant colors but losing details in the process.

The downside of the simplified interface though is that at times it feels too simplistic. It’s pretty fast though.You can easily whip this out and take a dozen photos in no time- which strangely enough is a problem. It can be so tempting to just blitz shoot a dozen photos and pick later. It might be better to have more options on the outset though. The amount of options is pretty sparse. There’s a low light mode, various flash settings, tap focus and video mode options in a toggle button. 4k video is finally available and it looks excellent. They’ve finally delivered an excellent camera, unfortunately so has the competiton


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