Beauty and the Beast meet in a Stuhrling Watch

An Amazing Piece of Art! I have always wanted a nice, elegant watch, but never really took the time to search out one. However, my fiancee decided to pick one out for me as a Christmas present (much to my surprise) and I am absolutely delighted with the result.

If you would like to become part of today’s most exquisite watch owners, there is no better way to start than with owning a Stuhrling watch, the renowned watch that is owned by men of substance throughout the world that features a very easy to read make up and one thing you will be assured of is that you will be making a big statement about your fine taste without uttering a word.

One such watch is the Stuhrling Eagle that comes in a succinct 44 millimeter stainless steel circular case of the highest quality with a serene black dial. The hour and minute hands are silk white in color whereas the second hand is red and all these in a skeleton body that adds color to the lovely aesthetics that accompany it.

The nation’s most respected watch manufacturer knows that you value style and distinction and so your Stuhrling watch is duly covered a glittering crystal where as the Arabic numerals are adorned with silver with the indices 3,6, and 9 o’clock appearing in lovely pointers whereas 12 is marked in a state of art triangular marker.

Your Stuhrling timepiece is not just pleasing to the eye because of the stainless steel used for its manufacture, when you look at the 3 o’clock mark, it gives you a date window and for you to walk around with it there is genuine leather strap that is so fine you won’t even know you are wearing it at all. Add to this double row stitches fitted on steel studs and you have a strap that is meant to last.

A genuine Stuhrling watch puts all the quality of comfort in the wrist of your hand and if you are tired of empty promises by other manufacturers, we would like to make this the end of your searching. What with a simple machine that is water resistant to a depth of up to 165 feet? You have in one small enclosure all the precision of Swiss quality workmanship. To get more of these Stuhrling watch reviews please subscribe to our email list!

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